About Us

We’ve built our service to revolve around you

service_to_revolve_around_youAs you may have noticed, Real Direct isn’t like your average real estate agent. At least not like any real estate agent you have dealt with before.

We’re something different. A smart, fair, alternative to traditional real estate agents. We help everyone get a better deal. We are real property professionals our agents work out of a Regional Head Office we call our Business Centre – and because we do everything in person, on the phone or on online – we’re able to provide a more DIRECT personal service to our clients. We call this the Real Direct advantage.


Property Selling Fee 1.1% + OPTIONAL performance incentive.

Property Management fee of 3.7% per month for all rental managements.

At Real Direct customer service is everything

We have built our service to revolve around you for one purpose: to provide the best customer service imaginable.
To ensure we deliver on our promise we offer you a client satisfaction guarantee.

We believe that being real, open and honest is the only way to build trust with our clients. It’s in our DNA and a big part of what differentiates Real Direct from most other agents.

We communicate the way you do. You can talk to us as you would to friends ─ email, text, phone calls, instant messages or face-to face conversations. We believe that good communication in a close relationship is the key to getting the best results.

It also helps that we’re close by, living and working in your area.

Why now?

More than ever before, people are turning to online ‘services’ or ‘advisers’ to help buy or sell homes. In fact, 85% of home buyers say that the internet is the most useful media to buy a home (Nielsen NetRatings).Buyers and Sellers don’t walk into real estate offices any more, they simply look ON LINE.

Is Real Direct a real estate agent like LJHooker or Ray White?

Yes. While we like to do things differently, Real Direct holds a real estate licence and our operations are regulated under the Office of Fair Trading and enforced by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).

At present we offer services to clients in Sydney Metropolitan Area and the Central Coast of NSW. Plans are underway to extend the service nationally over the next eighteen months.

Real Direct Pty Ltd ABN 75 095 024 810. Real Direct Pty Ltd has been granted a NSW Real Estate Licence No 1538655.

Real Direct is currently applying for Real Estate Licence in all states of Australia.

Our Story

PeteOur founder Peter Mitrovich has been in Real Estate since 1988, he is a licensed Real Estate and Strata Managing Agent. Peter’s experience is extensive with having owned and operated two Sydney regional Real Estate offices, partnered a Strata Management company, former Share holder/Director a Sydney based Real Estate Franchise group Robert R Andrew A Ásia Pty Ltd and former NSW General Manager for Harcourts Real Estate group.

It is with Peter’s experience and understanding of the Real Estate Industry that the opportunity to offer a new smart, fair and simple alternative to traditional Real Estate service was born. The REAL DIRECT WAY evolved to offer the change in the Industry that the consumers want.


The Real Direct Way has taken many years to develop. Our system is designed to be a consumer friendly and human experience.

We’ve always found that there’s something about Real Estate agents that doesn’t make sense. For most of us, buying or selling a home is the most expensive and stressful transaction we ever make in our life. And yet, we have little or no confidence in the people we ask to help us (Readers Digest Professions study for 2008).

“Home-sellers spend as much money on a real estate agent as they do on their car, but many will choose their agent in less than half hour.”

Listening to the voice of the people

When we asked people why, we discovered that most were negative about their experience. Sellers were unhappy about paying excessive commissions for little service; others felt that ,what a lot of agents promise and deliver are two different outcomes.Some just want an agent that speaks to them as a person and not just another number.

The voice of the people had spoken. Right there and then it was decided to create the first real estate agency built around professional people and common sense. Our plan was to help people get a better deal by making lifestyle changes easier and less stressful. Wasn’t that just common sense?

“Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing. Common sense is as rare as genius.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson 1841)