Business Model

Real-Direct-Business-modelThe Real Direct business model isn’t like your traditional real estate agency. We’re something different. We have created an affordable business platform for agents to perform in real estate and be their own boss, operating within a system that offers a complete shift from the traditional real estate agent business structure, resulting in a new modern way of business ownership and opportunity.High Value low Cost is our purpose.

The Real Direct founder, Mr Peter Mitrovich, has many years experience in business with the traditional structures that the vast majority of real estate companies operate under. The cost of setting up a traditional real estate office is a huge expense, with shop front, fit out costs, high overheads and staffing. The time and effort in establishing and learning the complexities of operating and managing a real estate office is a very stressful commitment and usually offers a low reward for both physical and financial investment.

The Real Direct business model provides a qualified individual with a Asociate agent Agreement to own and operate a real estate business in a suburb of choice. Effectively the agent becomes an individual business owner, a Real Direct agent’s main responsibility is to list and sell residential real estate and they also have the option to build a property management portfolio (administered by the Business Centre with INCOME AND OWNERSHIP SHARED ).THIS IS AN INDUSTRY FIRST, AGENTS ACTUALLY BUILDING AN INCOME STREAM WITH IN AN OFFICE AND HAVING SHARED OWNERSHIP. Imagine the potential income and security you could have?

The Real Direct Head Office has two functions, one is the Corporate Office and the other is the Business Centre that runs the whole real estate business operation, essentially it is the nerve centre for all our licensed agents. The head office provides a central service real estate office that supports and runs all administrational functions, duties, trust accounting, office procedures, training and a central call centre for all our licensed mobile agents. It combines a team of professionals that run the day to day systems and support for all our agents and their clients.

The Real Direct business system provides agents with a complete functioning real estate business platform that enables them to focus on what they do best, servicing their clients and the Real Direct Business Centre takes care of the rest, this is our winning formula.

All Real Direct agents are trained in the Real Direct way, to ensure true professionalism and consistency in real estate sales and property management practice. Alongside the training, our agents are provided with the most up to date technology, real estate software systems, marketing tools, research and data services that ensure their clients receive the best representation and results.

Regional Business centres will be set up in selected areas for agents to partner in and or will be the central business HUB for agents working in surrounding suburbs. The business model caters for the all directions an agent might aspire to, whether that’s being an individual agent working their local area, or growing a team with in a region, or even leading a team in a region.

Head Office and Sydney Business Centre: MARRIKVILLE NSW 2204

The Real Direct business model is truly unique. Its structure provides a collaboration of property professionals who have the support and backing of an organisation but still have the autonomy similar to independent real estate agents, but with the advantage of doing business a better way and aligning themselves with a major emerging brand. A brand that means something more than just a name, it’s Real.
The Real Direct business model is crafted with the understanding of the complete consumer experience. The system is designed to be a better deal for everyone. Better prices for sellers and better service to buyers.

“If you start with the end in mind, you will end up with a much better experience”.
Peter Mitrovich
Real Direct Founder

For enquiries and to receive an information pack on becoming an Agent with Real Direct contact Peter Mitrovich, or call o411 889 393.