Charter for Responsible Real Estate

This charter is a written statement, which outlines our position when dealing with clients.

Buying a home is the single biggest financial commitment most Australians will make in their lifetime. It’s a commitment that most Australians will spend half their working lives paying off, and many of them will make it just once in their lives. This places enormous responsibility on real estate agents. When someone engages an agent, they are placing an enormous amount of trust in the agent and we need to be sure that the laws protect consumers by setting strong and appropriate regulation on those who want to work in the industry.

In 2005-2006 the ACCC received 744 complaints about real estate representations. In a speech to the Real Institute of Victoria in 2004, the chairman of the ACCC, Graham Samuel “It’s clear from those complaints that many in the real estate industry are ignorant of their responsibilities under the Trade Practices Act, and the ACCC”.

At Real Direct we understand the responsibility buyers and sellers place on us and we have worked hard to engrain responsible selling of real estate into the very DNA of the business, where it is understood and supported by every person at all levels.

As a measure of our commitment we have created the Real Direct Charter for Responsible Real Estate Selling; a written statement outlining our ethics when dealing with clients.

We, Real Direct, are committed to being accountable when advising and assisting clients buying or selling real estate. This charter is a written statement which outlines our position when dealing with clients. We will never lie to make a sale and we will make sure, that both buyers and sellers are treated fairly, understand the truth and are protected.

  1. We will not over-quote a selling price to a home-owner, in order to be chosen as the agent
  2. We will not use ‘bait pricing’ to attract a greater quantity of potential buyers
  3. We will not condition sellers to lower their prices so their homes can be sold more easily
  4. We will use an evidence or fact based approach as the foundation for decisions and share this information with all parties
  5. We will charge only for the services clients pay for and not be pressing for HIGH commissions which is an unfair tax on the cost of a home and unethical, Our sales commission will be an agreed reasonable fee
  6. We will not recommend unnecessary marketing fees from sellers as these’ overwhelmingly benefit agents.
  7. We will continually monitor our agents client satisfaction level, to ensure they are consistently delivering great service and results
  8. We will recommend the method of sale that is best suited to the property and its target market.
  9. We aim to provide a simple and fair service that offers value for money
  10. We will protect our clients assets and privacy
  11. We will not breach our clients confidentiality or ever disclose a sellers lowest price
  12. We will not use harsh or unconscionable tactics against either the sellers or buyers to effect a sale
  13. We will seek the best market price for a customer’s home
  14. We will openly share with buyers and sellers on how Real Direct makes money
  15. We will play our part by assisting clients to make better informed decisions when buying and selling real estate

The Charter For Responsible Selling of Real Estate is a Real Direct – backed initiative to build a coalition of real estate service companies who are committed to empowering consumers. If you belong to a real estate-related organisation that agrees with these rights, we encourage you to join with us in delivering a better deal for people buying and selling property throughout Australia.

Purpose and use of the charter

This charter describes the values we uphold, the commitments we make to our stakeholders and the principles that govern how we do business.