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About Real Direct

What kinds of services do Real Direct offer?

Real Direct provide real estate agent services that include researching, listing, marketing, negotiating, selling and renting property. This range of real estate services allows you simply get a better deal by integrating ALL your real estate services in one easy-to-use location. We also provide you with FREE research and tools designed to help you get a better deal.

What makes Real Direct a good agent?

Our philosophy is to help people get a better deal out of real estate by making the process easier, more personal, without the hassle. We aim to make our services as straight-forward, fair and professional.

What are the main differences between Real Direct and other real estate agents?

The main feature differences are that other real estate agents – are fully trained and Licenced Real Estate Professionals.

Why are you launching now?

More than ever before, people are using online direct channels to buy goods and services. Whether it be buying a computer with Dell, selling on ebay, banking with ING Direct or trading with etrade. Therefore it is not surprising that real estate search has become the preferred way to browse for homes. In fact, 85% of home buyers say that the internet is the most useful media to buy a home (Nielsen NetRatings 2006). Given the convenience offered by online, it is only natural that real estate agents will increasingly engage with their clients direct.

What are your commissions and fees?

Real Direct do not charge high commissions but rather a fee-for-service.We off a ONE FEE for ALL SERVICE.

Property Selling Fee 1.1% + OPTIONAL Performance incentive.

Property Management, 5.7% per month.

How does Real Direct make money?

Real Direct makes money today in two ways. When clients list and sell their home using Real Direct agent service, Real Direct earns a commission for the services we provide.

Does Real Direct plan to open local office branches?

No. We have a Regional Business centre and administration office from which our Agents work from and they also work from their own locations.

How do I contact Real Direct?

At Real Direct we’re always ready to help you. Please call us on 0411 889 393.
Our Central office is located : 136 MARRICKVILLE ROAD MARRICKVILLE
NSW 2204.
Postal Address; AS ABOVE.

What kind of properties does Real Direct sell?

Real Direct focuses on residential homes.

What areas does Real Direct currently serve?

Real Direct presently offers service in Sydney Metropolitan Area NSW.

Where are you going to expand to next?

Real Direct is planning to expand into Canberra, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne over the next 18 months.

Selling with Us

What’s Real Direct for home-sellers?

Real Direct for home-sellers is to Deal with a real professional . We provide all the services that traditional agents provide and more. We help you with research. When you are ready to list, Real Direct will help you customise the sale of your home according to your needs.We provide Selling Service Options. We provide all the selling tools and advertising support – including registering your home with property websites (including realestate.com.au), for sale sign, brochures, floor plan and video tours (optional). Once you start receiving offers, Real Direct will help you with all of the negotiations and paperwork from exchange of contracts through to settlement.

Can Real Direct get me a better price on my home?

Real Direct agents are Real professionals in their field.They are well trained and fully qualified to get great results.

What is the cost of selling with Real Direct and when do I pay?

Real Direct selling fees are as follows: Property selling service is 1.1% of sale price + OPTIONAL performance incentive. All service option upgrades such as photography, photo sign boards, brochures etc are payable up front. If you take your home off the market, or if the 90-day listing has expired , you do not pay any selling fee, you have the option to renew the listing or simply withdraw from sale. Upon withdrawal, you only pay for the service option upgrades that were purchased ( Example: photo sign board, brochures, advertising).

Do you charge marketing fees?

We market properties according to the area and target audience, using the latest research. Our aim is to market homes as cost effectively as possible.
We establish buyer audience, then inform our data base, use social media platforms and then use the largest internet property search engine realestate.com.au, because of their effective reach nationally and internationally. Real Direct pay a monthly subscription to use these sites. We do not advocate unnecessary local newspapers advertising as this spend can be wasteful, however we will agree to print advertising if it is necessary to target a particular audience (we will access this accordingly to each property market).

Are there other ways I can market my home through Real Direct besides using property search portals such as Realestate.com.au?

Real Direct recommends the marketing of homes through social media platforms, our buyer data base,our website plus the major property search websites including realestate.com.au, because of their dominance in search. According to Roy Morgan Research, over 90% of Sydney’s home buyers use realestate.com.au as the most effective way of locating a new home and informing themselves on a particular market. If we agree that your home has appeal to that other 10% who do not use internet search, we will work with you to create a marketing campaign to reach those buyers.

Will you do public Auctions?

Real Direct will conduct Auctions.We will recommend a method of sale that is best suited to the property and buyer profiles.

What if my property doesn’t sell?

There are various factors that may cause your home not to sell, such as price, condition of home, and access to the home. Real Direct guarantees that you will be satisfied with our service, but this does not obligate us to refund your money if the property doesn’t sell, only if you are unhappy with our service.(Refer to service Guarantee)

How does Real Direct handle offer?

Real Direct will receive all offers and review them with you. We will be the main point of contact on all offer negotiations.

How long will it take to list my home?

It can take upto 7 days depending on the number of services you wish to purchase.

Do you give pricing valuations?

No. We recommend the use of an independent professional valuer to determine the selling price for your home. That said, we will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis based on recent sales to make a more informed decision. If you so wish we can provide a market appraisal using the data.

Do you handle negotiations?

Yes. After you and your Real Direct Agent have reviewed your offer and helped formulate your strategy, Real Direct will go back to the buyer’s and negotiate to ensure you get the best possible price and terms that are most important to you.

How do I list my home with Real Direct?

You can list your home in 3 easy ways:

  1. Online – Get started on our secure and easy Start your listing online application
  2. By Phone – Call 0411 889 393 and we can help you complete your application over the phone.
  3. In Person – Call us and request an agent visit your home ( Real Direct Agent service only).Sydney metro Area

Can I make changes to my listing?

Yes. Real Direct wants to have the most accurate and up-to-date information on your property. You can always contact your agent to update your listing.

Can I cancel my listing agreement?

Yes. Real Direct guarantees that you will be satisfied with your service.(Refer to satisfaction Guarantee in selling section).

How long must I stay with Real Direct?

All Real Direct Agent Agreements are exclusive sales agreements for a maximum 90 days.

Why do you encourage the seller to pay for pest and building inspection report?

For the buyer, a pest & building report is crucial to making an informed decision on a home. It can make all the difference when making an offer. At Real Direct we believe that all buyers should fully understand the nature of the home they’re buying and therefore should be provided with an independent report up font. Up front reports make buyers happy, because evaluation is easier and it cuts out a necessary expense.

We also appreciate the need for independent advice. That’s why we work with a professional pest and building company. The inspectors are committed to providing you with independent advice, ensuring your peace of mind.Please keep in mind that it is a optional decision for sellers to provide the pest & building report,as it is not a legal requirement.

Do you handle open inspections?

Yes your Agent will conduct open inspections and private viewings.

Our Agents

Will I meet my Real Direct agent?

Yes. A Real Direct agent will meet you at your home to list the property and discuss the sale. Real Direct agents also participate in Real Direct blogs where you can ask questions and get answers.

Are your real estate agents local?

Our aim is to have local Agents in the areas we operate. When you work with our agents, you get:

  • Personal service: the same local team works with you every step of the way.
  • Experience: every agent has at least 2 years work experience and has completed the ‘Real Direct Way’ training program

Are your agents experienced?

Real Direct hires experienced qualified agents. All our agents are internet savvy, fair minded individuals with a drive to back up our satisfaction guarantee.

Buying with Us

What’s Real Direct for home-buyers?

You find a home online see open times or organise an inspection, then submit an online form that allows you to draft make an offer. Your Real Direct agent will review your draft offer and follow up with you by telephone to formalise the offer and complete all needed paperwork. Once you’re ready, your Real Direct Agent will submit the offer to the seller. The offer is considered by the seller and the result will be managed by your Real Direct agent to ensure all parties are satisfied to complete the deal.

Can I talk directly to the pest and building inspector for a more thorough analysis?

Yes. The inspector will be available to talk directly to you about the report for a small fee, which will be determined by individual inspectors.

Do you guarantee the pest & building inspection report?

No. As Real Direct does not control the information that goes into the report we cannot guarantee it.