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Join-Real-DirectReal Direct is currently offering Associate Agent agreements to experienced Real Estate Agents and new options to existing Real Estate Offices who want to change to the Modern economy of Real Estate that is now upon us..

The Real Direct Business Model is a unique industry first, business opportunity for Real Estate Agents to own and operate their own business on an affordable business platform, operating within a system that offers a complete shift from the traditional real estate agent business structure.

A new modern way of business ownership that offers a new Real Estate career lifestyle. The Real Direct business model is designed to provide consumers with a better deal and experience in selling, buying and renting real estate. But just as important, is to provide its people with a better, more enjoyable and prosperous way of business.
Almost every Real Estate Agency in Australia operates with the typical traditional business structures. It is our understanding that many people working in these traditional systems have a common prospective on their working experiences and up until now they have had no other options available to them.

Please Consider these Questions:

  • Are you earning more than the majority of your commission?
  • Are you happy in your current working environment?
  • Do you like the company you work for, what they stand for and how they do business?
  • Do you enjoy working, not only business hours but expected to work after hours?
  • Do you enjoy working with your fellow employees or your boss?
  • Do you enjoy travelling in traffic every day to and from work?
  • Do you like having to find a car park near work or pay for parking every day?
  • Do you enjoy wearing a uniform or having to dress in corporate attire every day?
  • Do you agree with the way your company conducts business, is it fair?

If you have answered the above questions negatively then, you are not alone.

Please consider some further thoughts:

  • Is your place of work like a day care centre for adults? (Are there so many different personalities to deal with, so much internal politics, and so many complexities?)
  • Do you often find the only difference between your company and your competitors is the colours?
  • Have you ever wanted to do things differently and been told that we don’t do things that way?
  • Have you missed personal time/family time because you had to be at the office?
  • Have you been in office meetings that are a complete waste of time?
  • Does your company lack leadership?
  • Have you often thought that your hard work and results benefits the business more than it benefits you?
  • Does your hard work and effort get unrewarded?
  • Have you often thought you could do business a lot better way for yourself?
  • Have you often thought that you would like to own your own business, but financially it is too hard?
  • Have you often thought that you wish you were responsible only for yourself and not for how the company is going?
  • Have you contributed to building the goodwill and rent roll of the business and received no benefits?
  • Have you experienced business practices that are contrary to your beliefs?

If you have answered yes to most of these questions then you are certainly in a position to seriously consider a better way, a better career path, and an opportunity to build your own business within an affordable business structure that makes sense.

Interested in becoming a Real Estate Agent with Real Direct?

For further details and to receive an information pack please contact Peter Mitrovich at or call 1300 348 033.

Also visit our website for more details on our system.