How It Works – Buying

Buying A Home With Real Direct Is Smart, Easy and Fair

Free property research, open and transparent negotiations, free pest and building inspections (optional sellers package) and video tours of homes for sale (Real Direct Agent Service option only) help make buying more informed, easier and fair.

5 Steps to a Better Deal

  1. Search our homes online:

    Visit our homes at the nations major property website and other industry websites.

  2. Arrange for a viewing of the property:

    Attend an open house or book an appointment online or over the phone

  3. Establish the property’s true market value:

    We help you get a fix on the value of a home with comparative market analysis, optional and free pest and building inspections (A seller’s option )

  4. Make an offer:

    You get started on an offer online and view terms of the contract

  5. Talk to the agent:

    We help you with answers to any questions and negotiate a better deal

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For more information you can chat online, call us on 1300 348 033 or get started on an offer online.