Landlord Services

Real Direct Landlord Services.    

The Real Direct Landlord Services business model isn’t like your traditional real estate agency. We’re something different. We have created an affordable business platform for agents to personally manage a rental property portfolio  for their clients operating within a  sophisticated central control system that offers complete service and support .

What this means to Landlords:

Your Property Manager is the boss, your personal consultant .

Your property Manager lives and works local.

Your Property Manager not only performs the rental duties but is also your qualified agent to sell , appraise, and advise on all real estate related services.

Your property Manager provides a one fee for all fee structure. (This is a fair and reasonable system) Real Direct Residential Property Management fee is 5.7% per month (This means all landlords PAY the same)

Property management service.

Your Property manager will manage your investment as if it were their own.

Your Property manager will select and qualify the best tenants for your property.

Your Property manager will work hard to minimise any vacancies.

Your property manager will keep you well informed at all times with matters relating to your property and with industry changes and news.

Your Property Manager will account to you with the latest real estate software and ensure all administration and accounting duties are in accordance with the Fair Trading regulations.

The Real Direct Property Management system is created with the understanding of the complete consumer experience. The system is designed to be a better deal for everyone.

For further information on Property Management services please refer to the Contact navigation heading on our website or simply email, or call 0411 889 393.